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  • DEC 04


    Founder Tamara Cantave

    I do not want to bore you with a lot of mumbo jumbo but I would like to take you on a chronological journey on how I was inspired to start my project, Help Hayti. I’m a naturalized Haitian-American who realized 25 years ago that helping the less fortunate from the very place that I was from would be my calling. From that moment on I began to travel back and forth (trips ranging from 3-day weekends to 2-months at a time) with my father by my side as my confidant, my guide and teacher to all that I witnessed. I wanted to understand the people; he demanded that I understand the people before I could even think of lending a helping hand, and the lesson that I learned above all was that many before me, had attempted to help the Haitian people, but in order that I succeed, I had to incorporate certain key elements into any project that I decided to launch.

  • JAN07


    Developed Goals

    I continued this ride until 2000, the new millennium when I became inspired by the Millennium Development Goals. MDGs consist of 187 countries vowing to collectively eradicate extreme poverty (along with a list of 7 other objectives such as achieve universal primary education/reduce child mortality) by the year 2015. Needless to say, their vision is parallel to mine…just like mine, their objective is to improve human development, which is measured by 3 factors: life expectancy, standard of living, and the level of education.

    All of us can agree that education is the key to transformation. Hoping to bring postive changes to the children of Haiti is why Help Hayti has focused its efforts on the education factor. Without it there is no improvement in the life expectancy or the standard of living of the disadvantaged…only hunger, sickness, more poverty and in some sad occasions even death. 2004 was the start of it all.
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  • Mission To provide quality primary education and follow-along services to disadvantaged children in remote communities of Haiti.
  • Vision To integrate actions with the help of the international community to permanently reinvigorate the social, economic, and physical equilibrium of Haiti.
  • Goal To elevate the self-esteem of a growing population.
  • May17

    Trees For Life Project

    Education Children Through Agriculture

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