"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. “
--Margaret Mead

About Us

Help Hayti is a 20-year old concept coming to fruition. It began in 1986 with a personal study aimed at understanding Haiti’s behavior settings, its physical features and the social circuits that maintain them. It has evolved into a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit

imagecharitable project of Congressional District Programs founded in March of 2005 by an independent group of concerned Haitians, Haitian-Americans, and members of the international community for the benefit of Haiti as the need to organize a response to the deafening cries of more than four million Haitian children escalates. Dedicated in its efforts to improve the quality of life in the rural communities of Fond Verrettes, Help Hayti began its campaign of school reforms and environmental protection and has quickly emerged as a major charitable organization addressing education issues among others in the remote villages of Hayti.

imageHelp Hayti has been a committed advocate of the peasant community since 1986. The organization was created out of concern for a) the national crisis in academic performance among the peasant population and; b) the need to integrate a response to the increasing environmental deforestation. Help Hayti’s membership is comprised of educators and health Help Hayti’s membership is comprised of educators and health

care providers, agronomists, artists, financial investors, lawyers, consultants and community activists who through community outreach and education efforts, participation in conferences and task forces, litigation and research, have developed the expertise in the area of community development and school reform initiatives.

Help Hayti’s vision is to integrate actions to permanently reinvigorate the social, economic, and physical equilibrium of Haiti. The aforementioned goals will be accomplished via the grassroots organization-arm of Help Hayti, Humanitarian Aid for the Advancement of the Community Population (HAACP) whose mission is to provide quality primary education and follow-along services to disadvantaged children in remote villages of Hayti. The collaborative efforts of both branches created the Adopt-A-Community project to influence the dynamic change we seek in rural communities. Read More

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