God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

the Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference
--Author Unknown


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    Montaigu Cantave

    Dedicatedin his memory

    Help Hayti is dedicated to the memory of my father, Montaigu Cantave. Agronomist by profession, Bwa—as he was affectionately called by close friends--was altogether a brilliant thinker whose intelligence dazzled his interlocutors, a dialectician who relished a debate and frustrated his opponents, an austere father who did not settle for mediocrity, a mentor who rewarded promising young talents, and a bon vivant who professed love for life. Read More

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    Tami Cantave

    Help Hayti Founder

    Coming Soon

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    Etzer Cantave


  • Highly accomplished senior accounting and finance professional, with a proven track record of achievements and a flair for problem solving. Areas of competency include: Consolidated Financial Statements based on GAAP, Statutory and Fund accounting for Fortune 500 corporations as well as not-for-profits; Budgeting/Forecasting for large divisions ($200MM+); Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) for boards and upper management; Financial Modeling; Process Improvement, Policy and Procedure write-up; Management of diverse and medium to large staff size; Interface with auditors.

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    Alicia Fall

  • Founder of Her Many Voices

  • Alicia Fall is a person whose life could be summarized in one word - balance. A short visit to the two locations she calls home, New York City and Boulder, CO will show just that.

    A singer, songwriter and musician, born and raised in New York, Alicia draws from her rich cultural background (Eastern Band Cherokee, Danish, Cuban and Spanish) to paint a picture of the “American” experience. Her style is both unique and embraceable. Her truth speaks to the spirit within us all. 

    Alicia’s lyrics span the gamut of love, politics and religion, and the complexity of humans and their Gods. Her spirit is felt through it all...an activist and humanitarian at heart.

    With a background in early childhood education, and the healing arts, it was this heart that created Her Many Voices, an organization of Artist Response to Humanitarian Need. The focus - global visibility for woman, children and Mother Earth, giving a voice of empowerment ultimately for all.

    Ms Fall found herself, as many artist do, wanting to create positive change in this world and recognizing the power and responsibility artist have to do just that. 

    Those in the arts have a unique gift...they can heal the world through creative expression. Alicia Fall has a unique gift as well...she knows how to connect people and draws on the talents of a variety of artists who have a collective vision...a world of equal opportunity; a world of equals rights, resources and respect. She is the Founder and the Vision Holder to Her Many Voices.

    If you want to raise awareness, raise a voice. 

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    Glenna Stinson

  • Trees for Life, Haiti

    Glenna is originally from Kansas City and has worked as a preschool teacher and a glass artist. In 1989 she followed a personal inspiration to move to Haiti to serve the people and the environment. My mission, regeneration, renewal, and the celebration of life under the direst of circumstances. "Take care of the Earth, the Earth will take care of you."

  • Bio 06

    Joseph E. Valcin

    Construction Engineer

    Motivated and experience construction engineer with 20 years of experience in the planning, design coordination, and management of commercial, institutional, and private construction projects. Major areas of strength include: Feasibility studies; project evaluations; development of preliminary designs; site selection; environmental cleanup; architectural and engineering design management; training of junior engineers and architects; inter-agency coordination; program management; baseline cost estimating; procurement management; construction scheduling; contract administration; Change order review and negotiations; communications management; human resource planning and management; contract closure.

  • Bio 07

    Kim Weston

    Web Design | Photography | Graphics | Creative Consultant

    "Create. Create. Create". Kim Weston is a fine artist first and the principle of StudioWeston.com where she develops images in graphics, web design, photography and painting. Raised in New York City, she was exposed to all forms of the arts and educated at The Cooper Union. After receiving her BFA, Weston went on to embody all aspects of fine art and share her insight with children. "I believe art is the foundation of freedom. It is my closest connection to the Great Spirit" said Weston. Photography has introduced her to people and places that have enriched her creative eyes and hands. She has created works for several companies including Arsita Records, Capital Records, ESPN, Vibe, Brooklyn Academy of Music and Love Makes a Family Foundation.

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    Myrtho Cantave Opont

    Human Resources

    Over 20 years if experience and leadership in human resources mangement and development. Sound expertise in national and internaional labor relations and workforce development with relevant experience in Haiti and abroad. Good cross cultural communication skills with ability to work in fast paced environments. Particular interests in human resource development, capacity building, organizational workforce development.